Who are we?

Centrino Clinical was created by a handful of individuals with a creative vision of how to make the running and coordination of clinical trials better, more efficient, easier and manageable.  With four decades of experience between us,  we felt we had the knowledge, expertise and creative juices to make something happen, which led to the birth of the company in 2021.

We are a close and unified small team of experienced professional with nearly forty years experience in the Biotech, CRO and pharmaceutical industry, spanning most European countries, the US and Asia-Pac.

We have successfully managed over 150 global clinical and medical device trials, coordinated global study teams, designed databases, written protocols, written over 200 SOPs, as well as opened considerable clinical sites (UK, EU and the US) and helped bring a range of products to market.

There are distinct paths to our business model but ultimately our whole ethos is about flexibility and working with our clients closely and with a fluid and efficient way. Our genuine motivation comes from building firm, friendly and conducive business relationships and having the trust and autonomy to drive projects forward successfully and always on or before time.

We are established as a clinical partner for a leading research organisation in The Netherlands and an innovative CRO in Belgium. By combining our resources, we can cover the UK, EU and the US with more than adequate resources, including site managers, specialised CRAs (often speaking four languages), versatile project management and oversight, database build, complete study design and CTIS specialisation from our Benelux hub.

Later in the summer, we are excited to announce access to our dedicated Phase I unit that will enhance our collaborative ventures, and has already attracted marked interest from a number of global pharmaceutical and CRO companies.

Centrino has country specialists in many EU and UK locations and access to over 500 hospital and clinical sites; the vast majority actually comprising physicians and Investigators who have regular contact with us, thanks to over many years of working together, making feasibility and project-site planning highly efficient.

We ultimately believe in being adaptable and straight forward. We do not believe in imposing ideas, promising things we cannot deliver or taking on projects we would not feel happy working with. We can offer a unique and tailored platform to the management of all study phase trials; utilising experience, software, expertise and proven skills to create a smooth and fluid operational working model, saving time, stress and even money.

Many CROs and contract organisations will state they are different and new, bespoke, and unique. At Centrino however, we truly are, and our clients are appreciating and genuinely seeing this first hand.


There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Our philosophy is simple. Centrino has been created to help support clinical trials in the most adaptable and forward-thinking way possible.

As a team we are all highly experienced in the industry, have lived in several countries around the world, dealt with difficult sponsors, and wonderful organisations, forged relationships, created business and worked extremely hard over the years to create this organisation.

We are using our experiences of the past to bring positive change.

Integrity is at the core of our service. We seek to demonstrate fully honest, truthful, and ethical conduct to our clients and partners at all levels.

We live in challenging times with increasing changes to industry requirements, regulations and even restrictions on the way we are all working, and we are adapting to these changes to provide optimum service and fresh ways of supporting your project needs.